Where Can I Take A Trapped Snake?

Dallas snake

Relocating a Trapped Snake
You have done the hard part – you trapped a snake. The pest that has made trouble for you and that has become a nuisance, and a dangerous one at that, is finally in your grasps. Now another challenge stands in your way: what are you going to do? You have to relocate the snake, of course. You cannot keep it in the trap, nor can you rerelease it back into your yard. There are some reliable ways to handle rereleasing a snake. It is easy and doable, and most people see positive results from this. Be careful about it and you will see the best possible results for both you and the snake.

In the Wild
When people think of releasing a wild animal, they typically think of doing it in the wild. Releasing a snake somewhere with woods or desert, depending on where you are, is the most sensible option. You need to find a place with plentiful cover, access to fresh water and food, and an easy place to hide right away. In the wild, the snake is at a high risk of death due to predators or lack of resources. Find a place where neither are going to be a problem and release it quickly. The snake is going to go off and hide immediately, attempting to keep itself safe as it figures out where it is. The risk of death is still there, but it can find peace and live healthily in the right location.

Outside Your Home
It might sound counterintuitive, but you can release the snake right outside your home. Releasing it outside the gates or fence, where it cannot get back inside, is fine. It knows where it is and it can start looking for another place to go. Before doing this, you will want to secure your home. Fill in gaps in the fence and under the fence, make repairs, and remove any cover or anything the snake wants. Without a way in or anything it wants, it will have to move on to another location. Snakes can still reenter the property, as climbing the fence or going through it may still be possible. Consider your situation before going with this method. A trapped snake is easy to relocate. Either in the wild or right outside your home, they can find a new place to call their own without best a pest and a menace to you.

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